Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's not easy being a Wonderdog!

I can't believe it's been two months since I have blogged. My paws are still sore from typing as I work diligently on the book so it's been a challenge to find time and energy to sit down and start typing again.

Today, however is different. I am sitting on my boat, technically my human's boat but you know what I mean, and I haven't written a lick on the book in the past week so I am ready and able to bring you up to date on what has happened the past month or so.

Now many of you probably are sitting there reading and thinking, you're a dog Bugsy how much could possibly have happened? Well let me tell you, being a wonderdog is more than just lying around the house, eating, marking my territory and chasing my tail. I've had big doings the last month or so.

As a spokesdog for Lucky Dog Cuisine it's my job to make sure not only that we use the finest "human grade" ingredients, create the absolute best home cooked meals for your dogs, and personally, with a modicum of help from "annoying little brother Murphy", taste and approve every recipe from the Lucky Dog Kitchen but also to make sure the company is a success. Sure mom and dad think they run the company but I don't see their name on the Bugsy's Best Beef and Barley, but I digress. In order to make sure Lucky Dog Cuisine is the finest food available for your dog it must be not only economically viable but socially responsible. To that end I have inspired my mom to work with one of our new restaurants Hugo's in Wexford to start planning the first annual Hilton Head Island Take your Dog to dinner night with the proceeds going to a couple of very worthy animal charities.

Now I know that regular readers know I am a huge advocate of every night being Take your dog to dinner night, but for pups less fortunate than myself this could be huge. The date of the event is October 10 and I will update you in upcoming blogs, I promise.

In other news I was forced to come out of summer seclusion and make a television appearance last week. WTOC Savannah's CBS affiliate had me along with mom and of course "annoying little brother Murphy" as guests to talk about Lucky Dog. The host is a big dog lover and he made us feel very welcome. Being an old veteran of television I of course was Mr. Casual. "Annoying Little Brother Murphy" however started crawling around the set as the interview went along. He also let out a huge burp, yes that's right some dogs will do anything to get attention.

I know I can somehow download the video to Blogger but my mom has added it to the front page of her website so it's probably just as easy for you to go to http://www.luckydogcuisine.com/ to watch the video. I'm pretty sure the station people will invite me back but I'm not sure about mom or "annoying....(ALBM).

Despite my carrying the TV show I still had to do some extra work the last few weeks. I helped out at mom's booth at the Hilton Head Pet Expo last week. Anna from Bistro 17 and mom shared a table and spread the word yet again about Anna's great restaurant in Shelter Cove, talk about "pet friendly" now that's the restaurant. In two weeks I have to go to Charleston to do a demo at Whole Foods and in three weeks I'm off to Columbia to help with a fundraiser for a dog charity. Being a Wonderdog is hard work.

I also have one more piece of exciting news. I have been asked to be Chairdog of the Board of a company that is going to do some Animal Rights Lobbying in Washington. They will also be heavily involved in raising money for various animal charities, shelters and even individuals who need help with unexpected pet related expenses. More info on "The Dog's Voice" coming soon.

Well that's about it for now. I am going to relax on my boat a little and rest up for the adventures ahead.

Have a great day.

Bugsy Wonderdog

Always remember your pet loves you unconditionally!