Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Dogs Eye View on Steroids!

Perspective is an amazing thing. A man that is 5'2" tall would be considered very short. However, in the eyes of a dog, especially some of the small breed dogs 5'2" is a GIANT! Could steroids be the answer to making that 5'2" man into a real giant? Conventional wisdom says no but with Wonderdog wisdom, hmmm?

You humans take life far too seriously. I know it's difficult surviving in these trying times and life is tough but to borrow a phrase from motivational speakers unknown "Life is not a dress rehearsal." You only get one chance to enjoy yourself so I think you should do everything in your power to do so. I do think you can take it a little too far though, right Barry Bonds? Are we really supposed to believe that you were just a late bloomer? I guess it's possible that your head is now the same size as your entire body used to be when you first came to the Majors. As the kids say nowadays, It could happen.

Why the sudden interest in all things anabolic? Little brother Murphy, commonly known of course as ALBM (annoying little brother Murphy) got in a dog fight today. Murph is an amazingly upbeat guy but he takes no crap. He used to beat on me pretty good when he was just a puppy. Hey I'm a lover not a fighter.

Murphy and I wrassling!

I can beat him but he surprised me!

I suppose I should have taught him the difference in breeds sooner because he treats Maltese and Rottweillers alike. Now in it's own way thats wonderful. The world would be a much better place if there was no breed prejudice but sometime it pays to take a look at who you are playing with.

Earlier today Murph was playing nicely at the park with a Pit Bull. They were getting along okay but then the Pit Bull got a little rough. Murph growled at the Pit Bull just to let him know that just because we're called Doodles doesn't mean we can't take care of ourself. Next thing you know Murph gets attacked by a Doberman who heard the growl and probably thought it was meant for him. Too many alpha dogs in the same party something has to happen occasionally. Long story short, a quick growling and biting match, a bunch of scared humans and then just like kids in a schoolyard pecking order was established and the fight was over.

Murphy got a couple of little nicks and cuts but Mom jumped into the middle and she ended up with the worst of it a cut on her arm courtesy of Mr. Doberman. She's a trooper though, no blame, no yelling by the humans and just a lot of embarrased looks.

ALBM how tough does he look?

I on the other hand had to witness all of this and as you know I am a very sensitive Wonderdog. I decided to put my superior Wonderdog intellect to work and come up with a way to avoid this kind of nonsense in the future. I decided to make Murphy into a SuperDog. Now this is different than a Wonderdog in that I can't make him as smart as me but I can turn him into a walking, talking (well dog language at least) dogfight deterrent.

How to proceed was a bit of a challenge though. He already gets a high quality human grade dog food as you know and while he's very healthy it hasn't turned him into a canine destroyer. I had to do the only logical thing. Steroids. I am aware that there could be some serious side effects so I really should get his permission first but that's just not going to happen. I know his testicals might shrink but they're too big anyway. They swing when he runs. I know it could cause health issues later in life but let's face it he is on a human grade dog food, gets lots of exercise and love and who wants to live forever? It also wasn't like I don't know what I'm doing because I've tried this before although with less than perfect results.

My previous effort with a steroid experiment!
Butch was not overly happy with the results.

At least Murph isn't competing in the Olympics in the near future so I don't have to worry about drug testing so the only thing I have to do is come up with a plan that maximizes his gains. For this I decided to borrow from the old Horseman's adage when getting racehorses ready to run. More is better! If one pill will make him gain 5 pounds of muscle then 10 pills should help him gain 50.

I started the program earlier this afternoon and I am attaching a picture to show the results so far. I've only had a few hours but I think this could work. Lets give it a couple of weeks then we can go visit the dog park again.

ALBM after two hours of steroids.

I'm hoping he'll grow into his paws!

As always your feedback is welcome.

Have a great day,

Bugsy Wonderdog

Always remember your pet loves you unconditionally!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's not easy being a Wonderdog!

I can't believe it's been two months since I have blogged. My paws are still sore from typing as I work diligently on the book so it's been a challenge to find time and energy to sit down and start typing again.

Today, however is different. I am sitting on my boat, technically my human's boat but you know what I mean, and I haven't written a lick on the book in the past week so I am ready and able to bring you up to date on what has happened the past month or so.

Now many of you probably are sitting there reading and thinking, you're a dog Bugsy how much could possibly have happened? Well let me tell you, being a wonderdog is more than just lying around the house, eating, marking my territory and chasing my tail. I've had big doings the last month or so.

As a spokesdog for Lucky Dog Cuisine it's my job to make sure not only that we use the finest "human grade" ingredients, create the absolute best home cooked meals for your dogs, and personally, with a modicum of help from "annoying little brother Murphy", taste and approve every recipe from the Lucky Dog Kitchen but also to make sure the company is a success. Sure mom and dad think they run the company but I don't see their name on the Bugsy's Best Beef and Barley, but I digress. In order to make sure Lucky Dog Cuisine is the finest food available for your dog it must be not only economically viable but socially responsible. To that end I have inspired my mom to work with one of our new restaurants Hugo's in Wexford to start planning the first annual Hilton Head Island Take your Dog to dinner night with the proceeds going to a couple of very worthy animal charities.

Now I know that regular readers know I am a huge advocate of every night being Take your dog to dinner night, but for pups less fortunate than myself this could be huge. The date of the event is October 10 and I will update you in upcoming blogs, I promise.

In other news I was forced to come out of summer seclusion and make a television appearance last week. WTOC Savannah's CBS affiliate had me along with mom and of course "annoying little brother Murphy" as guests to talk about Lucky Dog. The host is a big dog lover and he made us feel very welcome. Being an old veteran of television I of course was Mr. Casual. "Annoying Little Brother Murphy" however started crawling around the set as the interview went along. He also let out a huge burp, yes that's right some dogs will do anything to get attention.

I know I can somehow download the video to Blogger but my mom has added it to the front page of her website so it's probably just as easy for you to go to http://www.luckydogcuisine.com/ to watch the video. I'm pretty sure the station people will invite me back but I'm not sure about mom or "annoying....(ALBM).

Despite my carrying the TV show I still had to do some extra work the last few weeks. I helped out at mom's booth at the Hilton Head Pet Expo last week. Anna from Bistro 17 and mom shared a table and spread the word yet again about Anna's great restaurant in Shelter Cove, talk about "pet friendly" now that's the restaurant. In two weeks I have to go to Charleston to do a demo at Whole Foods and in three weeks I'm off to Columbia to help with a fundraiser for a dog charity. Being a Wonderdog is hard work.

I also have one more piece of exciting news. I have been asked to be Chairdog of the Board of a company that is going to do some Animal Rights Lobbying in Washington. They will also be heavily involved in raising money for various animal charities, shelters and even individuals who need help with unexpected pet related expenses. More info on "The Dog's Voice" coming soon.

Well that's about it for now. I am going to relax on my boat a little and rest up for the adventures ahead.

Have a great day.

Bugsy Wonderdog

Always remember your pet loves you unconditionally!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Why do they call it the Rat Race?

If anything they (who are they, anyway) should call it the Dog Race. I'm not talking Florida Greyhounds here, just life in general. How can a dog who is supposed to live in a vacation wonderland like Hilton Head South Carolina be so busy? I do have more than my fair share of jobs, not the least of which is teaching my unruly brother Murphy to behave himself, but that in itself shouldn't be that big a deal.

Do any of you humans have problems like being busy, overwhelmed or just plain not having enough hours in the day to do the things you want, or even worse, need to do? Nah! I'm sure humans don't have problems like that, after all you are a superior race. (Yeah sure, who carries who's poop in a plastic bag?) OK, I know we're all in the same boat when it comes to time but remember this. Someone very confusing once said "When it comes to time we all have all there is." If nobody ever said that you can quote me on it.
I started last blog by declaring that I'm back. Obviously this didn't mean every day, it just meant whenever I got around to writing again. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that a few times I asked for advice through Tweets as to whether I should blog or go to the beach and you can tell by the lack of frequency of my blog that the beach was the overwhelming winner. One other reason (excuse?) for not writing since the last blog is that there was an amazing amount of feedback re those crazy pics. Most of my correspondence comes from email to my dad at jlginn@gmail.com or to my twitter site bugsywonderdog and we got tons of it. I mentioned I have some more of these pics but now that I know how much everyone liked them I am going to hold them for ransom for a while, perhaps doling them out sporadically. I guess I thought that if people were enjoying the pics I wouldn't have to update them too quickly.
A couple of things have happened recently that I thought you should know. First and foremost we have temporarily cancelled our product testing. Murphy and I tested four different products last months and not one of them met with our seal of approval. We had toys that ripped in a day, a chewer that broke into sharp fragments and a couple of other products that we couldn't pass along. We have decided to postpone our testing for a few months until we get some products we are pleased with. Having said that late in the month we did receive a couple of offers to test products that look promising. We will keep you posted.

Me and Murph before haircuts
(What's with taking pics with the sun in my eyes? Is your camera an instamatic from the 60's)
On a more personal note, I needed a haircut. No problem, these things happen and because I am part poodle and supposedly non-shedding I have had haircuts roughly every two months for my entire life. I have a great groomer and I have never been concerned. This time I went a couple of days after posting those crazy Doodle Pics and all of a sudden a trip to the Groomer sounded like a trip to the dentist. What if I came back looking like that freaky Ninja Turtle Doodle? I have a crazy aunt Bertha who promised me that all would be well. She even told me that I could use her special full length mirror to make sure everything was fine. I went in to the groomer, had my cut, used Bertha's mirror and I think I look great. I must look great because I have never had so many people looking at me as I do now.

Bertha's Mirror
How much money could I make selling these mirrors - Murphy

I've also been invited to an inordinately large number of wine and cheese parties lately. I can't figure it out but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm just happy to be looking myself again. No more haircuts for another two months and now it's back to the age old quandry go to the beach or work on my blog. Murphy took a pic of me after my haircut and wants to put it on the bottom of the blog today so I will let him finish.

What Bugsy looks like without a magic mirror - Murphy

Always Remember Your Dog Loves You Unconditionally!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back!

In the immortal words of Paul Newman in the Hustler, "I'm Back!".

Sorry for the disappearing act but do you have any idea how hard it is to run a family, run a business, write a book and just be a Wonderdog in general.

No excuses but I do apologize for going awol.
I have had a number of interesting things happen recently but one thing is really sticking in my craw. (Do dogs have craws?) I'll get to it in a moment but I just wanted to say goodbye to my good friend Sasha. She lives on a boat just down from mine in the winter and she recently took her family back north for the summer. I have included a pic of Sasha, as you can see she is really cute and unlike me "All Golden".

Bye Sasha and thanks for hanging with a couple of half breeds like Murphy and myself.
Now, on to what's been bugging me.

As you can imagine I am a huge fan of crossing dogs with Standard Poodles to make better dogs. Standards are a decent size, don't shed and are extremely intelligent. In the case of myself, and to a lesser extent Murphy crossing them with a loyal, smart and friendly dog like a Golden can yield wonderful companions. I know that Labradoodles can be cute as well but let's face it they are a little on the crazy side as a general rule so it's not a perfect science.

Lately though breeders are getting a little carried away. Schnoodles, Cockapoos, everywhere you turn breeders are trying to get that combo of hypo-allergenic and brains that we Goldendoodles personify.

Well I've got news for all of you. If it's not broke, don't fix it. You managed to get it right with Goldendoodles so why push it. For those of you who think I'm overreacting Check out some of the breeds below. I have more, but I think you will get the message with this sampling.

Ok, No mystery here.Say Hi to the Cameldoodle!
I've been busting my hump to be the one and only Bugsy the Wonderdog and then we get this! I can hear it now, I wonder what kind of dog that is? You think that's something look at the next one.

What the heck is this? A PeacockPoo?

You know what they say about birds of a feather flocking together but this pooch is a crowd all by herself!

OK! At least this one could be the mascot of the Buffalo Bills.

Funny, I can live with this one. Strong, good looking and would probably make a great mascot. As long as he has more poodle than buffalo he probably won't shed all over the cheerleaders


This is the last one I'm going to show you. I can't take it anymore. I didn't even know that Ninja Turtles were real. I thought they were cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny or Sarah Palin. As I said I do have a few more of these and maybe I will share them with you when I find a redeeming quality for them. Or then again, maybe not. Now that I have that off my chest maybe I can write a little more often. It's good to be back blogging and I will talk to you all soon.

Please don't forget to pass this blog along and have your friends sign up to follow. We will be drawing from the followers for the winner of this months's product of the month towards the end of May. Good luck to all.

All of the dogs pictured above were entered in a contest entitled "Extreme Grooming".

You humans are so strange!

Wonderdog out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Dog's Eye View of the Masters

What does a dog care about the Masters you ask?

Plenty. First of all my male human watches the whole damn thing on television. He does not play with me while its on, he does not take me for a walk during play and he does not even role around on the ground with me during the commercials. Now don't get me wrong I do understand the appeal. The place is incredibly beautiful. Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you see. Beauty, color, a really tough hole?

You know what I see? Me and every other dog both Wonderdog and non-Wonderdog? We see a space for running and running. Look at that glorious field. Do you know how much fun we could have there? We could have a pack of 30 or more dogs there and still have plenty of room for more. This place should not be called Augusta National it should be called Doggie Nirvana.

There is one major problem though.


I mean what kind of a rule is that. Who was the brainchild that came up with that one? I mean what's next are they going to ban women from the place too? Oh, they have? Some kind of guy named Hootie? Sounds like a member of the owl family to me. I never did trust those bird types. Maybe dogs and women could unite and one of us could get membership and bring the other species to the club member/guest. I have one final question. Do they allow children on the course? I guarantee I am better behaved than any child. Heck as much as it pains me to admit it even Murphy is. I bet you didn't know that Murphy's very first outdoor down/stay was on a golf course. He had George and I to help but he did it and he did it well.

As far as the tournament I have to cheer for that Eldrick Woods guy. Even though he is named after a member of the "cat" family he gets my vote just because I once heard a rumor that he has a Goldendoodle. Don't know if it's true or not and I can't seem to get the hanging of surfing this WWW thing so I can't verify it but he seems like a smart dude so he probably does have one.

I would like to make one final point in my case. If you think about the things that Augusta National are famous for they are beautiful Magnolias in bloom and (listen carefully now) DOGWOOD. They have dogwood, doglegs, probably hot dogs and I think the rules committee should finally break down and allow DOGS.

Maybe now that Hootie's retired they will even allow female dogs as well. What is it that they call them again Hootie? Go ahead, say it Hootie I dare you. I double dog dare you. I'm sure that at least one of my followers is a member of the National Council of Women's Organizations with their 6 million members just waiting for you to say it.

I'm sorry. A Wonderdog should be apolitical so I will move back to topics nearer and dearer to my furry little heart. As a final appeal to the powers that be at Augusta I would like to paraphrase a song from my Grandpuppy's days. "Let my people Run!"

Always remember your dog loves you unconditionally.

Bugsy the Wonderdog

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Test - You Win

Product of the Month
You Follow! You can Win!

Part of being a Wonderdog is the responsibility I have to other dogs who are less fortunate. I am in a unique position of having a voice that is heard in larger than normal canine circles (is a canine circle when you chase your own tail?) so I am lucky enough to have companies sending me products to test. Some of them are great and some of them are less than great. I will be using this blog to pass on the results of my product testing and will usually designate one product as a "Four Paws Up Product of the Month." I will NOT be accepting cash or advertising revenue for any of these products or services so you, my faithful pack, will know I really like the products I endorse.

In addition I will be picking randomly one of the followers of this blog to receive whichever product receives "Product of the Month" endorsement. PLEASE NOTE: I said it would be one of the followers of this blog, not just my Twitter Pack followers. If you haven't done so please click follow at the bottom right side of this page to follow and win. I have just moved to this blog so we are starting a brand new list of followers so the earlier you register to follow the better your chances are to win.

I will make one more promise. If in any given month no product or service is deemed to be safe and or acceptable we will double up on the prizes given the following month. I would rather pay for a good product out of my own "pawket" for you than to send out something that doesn't meet the Wonderdog Standard.

If the product is a chew toy or something like that, don't worry, I won't send you the one that Murphy and I have put to the test. I will find you a new one. If it is food or cookies don't worry I will get you a fresh batch. If it's a book or service I'll........ Never mind, I think you get the idea. Effective May 1 we will have a complete list of all products that make a passing Wonderdog Grade in any given month posted at the end of the month right here on this blog.

A special note of thanks to all my new Twitter friends following me at "BugsyWonderdog". If you have found this site from Twitter I thank you for checking it out. I have just relocated to this blog as per some issues with my website (see introductory blog) and I have just recently started on Twitter. My growth there has been nothing short of astounding and if you have followed me and not received a thank you for following tweet I apologize. I really do appreciate your support and I will continue to provide you with the best of "All things Dog".

Now that the housekeeping has been taken care of I can replant my tongue firmly in my cheek and tomorrow we can take a "Dogs Eye View of the Masters".

Always remember, your dog loves you unconditionally,

Bugsy the WonderDog

PS If you have a product or service line that you would like tested by me please contact us by email at jlginn@gmail.com for details. Thanks

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to my new blogsite.

I guess you should know right off the top that I used to have a website but the court ordered me to take it down because none of the dogs on the site were wearing clothing. Hopefully you blog readers are more openminded because I'm really not a huge proponent of "Dogs in Dresses".

Welcome to my Introductory Blog.

Hi, my name is Bugsy and I am indeed a Wonderdog. I definitely know this because every time I walk down the street I hear people saying, "Wow, look at that dog, I wonder what kind of dog he is?" Before we go too far please click the follow link on this blog. I need all the followers I can get to justify the exorbitant prices I charge for my services. Thanks.

As you learn a little more about me you will find that I am a Wonderdog in more than one sense of the word. I have done Print Ads, Television Commercials, posed for Brochures for a couple of companies and I even had a walk on part in a TV series when I was just a pup.
I have an extensive list of tricks and behaviors in my repertoire but my biggest asset is that I can't even walk down the street without someone stopping me and telling me how cute I am. I am currently working on my first book and I hope to have it completed by the end of May. (I will keep you posted) It would probably be ready sooner but it's hard to type with no fingers.
I have two agents, one in New York and another in Toronto Canada and I am available for movies or commercials if you want to hire me but I must warn you I am very selective about what I will endorse.
First things first. I am a Goldendoodle. I'm not a Wheaton, not a Borzoi, not even a Labradoodle although you would at least be half right. My dad was a Standard Poodle and my mom was a Golden Retriever. That definitely makes me a Goldendoodle. Not a great name for a dog breed but it sure beats the alternative of Goldiepoo
I was not an accident. I was bred this way on purpose to get all of the great traits from both of those smart friendly breeds. Being a first generation cross I am also supposed to stay healthier than most purebreds. Last but not least, they bred me this way so I would not shed. Oh well, genetics is still an inexact science. Even a Wonderdog is allowed to shed sometime.



I was raised with a couple of Standard Poodles, Storm and George who I will occasionally reference so I thought I whould pass that info along. They have both passed away and I now have an annoying "not so little" brother who looks much like me but acts like, well, like a little brother. His name is Murphy and unfortunately he will figure largely in the adventures we will be chronicling in the future. He was kind of cute when he was little but now, if you have a little brother you will understand.

Murphy as a puppy.........................Murphy as my clone.

I think that's plenty for now. I know that humans can get information overload easily so I will post you again soon. Thanks again for reading and please click follow.

Always remember your dog loves you unconditionally,

Bugsy the Wonderdog!