Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Why do they call it the Rat Race?

If anything they (who are they, anyway) should call it the Dog Race. I'm not talking Florida Greyhounds here, just life in general. How can a dog who is supposed to live in a vacation wonderland like Hilton Head South Carolina be so busy? I do have more than my fair share of jobs, not the least of which is teaching my unruly brother Murphy to behave himself, but that in itself shouldn't be that big a deal.

Do any of you humans have problems like being busy, overwhelmed or just plain not having enough hours in the day to do the things you want, or even worse, need to do? Nah! I'm sure humans don't have problems like that, after all you are a superior race. (Yeah sure, who carries who's poop in a plastic bag?) OK, I know we're all in the same boat when it comes to time but remember this. Someone very confusing once said "When it comes to time we all have all there is." If nobody ever said that you can quote me on it.
I started last blog by declaring that I'm back. Obviously this didn't mean every day, it just meant whenever I got around to writing again. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that a few times I asked for advice through Tweets as to whether I should blog or go to the beach and you can tell by the lack of frequency of my blog that the beach was the overwhelming winner. One other reason (excuse?) for not writing since the last blog is that there was an amazing amount of feedback re those crazy pics. Most of my correspondence comes from email to my dad at or to my twitter site bugsywonderdog and we got tons of it. I mentioned I have some more of these pics but now that I know how much everyone liked them I am going to hold them for ransom for a while, perhaps doling them out sporadically. I guess I thought that if people were enjoying the pics I wouldn't have to update them too quickly.
A couple of things have happened recently that I thought you should know. First and foremost we have temporarily cancelled our product testing. Murphy and I tested four different products last months and not one of them met with our seal of approval. We had toys that ripped in a day, a chewer that broke into sharp fragments and a couple of other products that we couldn't pass along. We have decided to postpone our testing for a few months until we get some products we are pleased with. Having said that late in the month we did receive a couple of offers to test products that look promising. We will keep you posted.

Me and Murph before haircuts
(What's with taking pics with the sun in my eyes? Is your camera an instamatic from the 60's)
On a more personal note, I needed a haircut. No problem, these things happen and because I am part poodle and supposedly non-shedding I have had haircuts roughly every two months for my entire life. I have a great groomer and I have never been concerned. This time I went a couple of days after posting those crazy Doodle Pics and all of a sudden a trip to the Groomer sounded like a trip to the dentist. What if I came back looking like that freaky Ninja Turtle Doodle? I have a crazy aunt Bertha who promised me that all would be well. She even told me that I could use her special full length mirror to make sure everything was fine. I went in to the groomer, had my cut, used Bertha's mirror and I think I look great. I must look great because I have never had so many people looking at me as I do now.

Bertha's Mirror
How much money could I make selling these mirrors - Murphy

I've also been invited to an inordinately large number of wine and cheese parties lately. I can't figure it out but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm just happy to be looking myself again. No more haircuts for another two months and now it's back to the age old quandry go to the beach or work on my blog. Murphy took a pic of me after my haircut and wants to put it on the bottom of the blog today so I will let him finish.

What Bugsy looks like without a magic mirror - Murphy

Always Remember Your Dog Loves You Unconditionally!


  1. My groomer has a magical mirror. I look the same, but she looks younger, slimmer and like someone from a different world. I think I'll ask her to cut my coat like the purple poodle in the pic above.


  2. Sasha wants to know how much for a dog size mirror?

  3. gotta go to the fridge now and get a glass of wine!

  4. I'm headed to the groomers this week.
    Hold a good thought for me! By the way I'm a "working dog" too.

  5. My boys idea of grooming? Applying fresh mudpacks to their fur, sloughing their skin with organic backyard dirt, and filing their nails while digging for rodents. Its very luxurious.

    I love your blog and your dogs! I look forward to reading more!

  6. This is such a cute blog! I love the last pic!!! I dress up my Pit Bulls too!