Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to my new blogsite.

I guess you should know right off the top that I used to have a website but the court ordered me to take it down because none of the dogs on the site were wearing clothing. Hopefully you blog readers are more openminded because I'm really not a huge proponent of "Dogs in Dresses".

Welcome to my Introductory Blog.

Hi, my name is Bugsy and I am indeed a Wonderdog. I definitely know this because every time I walk down the street I hear people saying, "Wow, look at that dog, I wonder what kind of dog he is?" Before we go too far please click the follow link on this blog. I need all the followers I can get to justify the exorbitant prices I charge for my services. Thanks.

As you learn a little more about me you will find that I am a Wonderdog in more than one sense of the word. I have done Print Ads, Television Commercials, posed for Brochures for a couple of companies and I even had a walk on part in a TV series when I was just a pup.
I have an extensive list of tricks and behaviors in my repertoire but my biggest asset is that I can't even walk down the street without someone stopping me and telling me how cute I am. I am currently working on my first book and I hope to have it completed by the end of May. (I will keep you posted) It would probably be ready sooner but it's hard to type with no fingers.
I have two agents, one in New York and another in Toronto Canada and I am available for movies or commercials if you want to hire me but I must warn you I am very selective about what I will endorse.
First things first. I am a Goldendoodle. I'm not a Wheaton, not a Borzoi, not even a Labradoodle although you would at least be half right. My dad was a Standard Poodle and my mom was a Golden Retriever. That definitely makes me a Goldendoodle. Not a great name for a dog breed but it sure beats the alternative of Goldiepoo
I was not an accident. I was bred this way on purpose to get all of the great traits from both of those smart friendly breeds. Being a first generation cross I am also supposed to stay healthier than most purebreds. Last but not least, they bred me this way so I would not shed. Oh well, genetics is still an inexact science. Even a Wonderdog is allowed to shed sometime.



I was raised with a couple of Standard Poodles, Storm and George who I will occasionally reference so I thought I whould pass that info along. They have both passed away and I now have an annoying "not so little" brother who looks much like me but acts like, well, like a little brother. His name is Murphy and unfortunately he will figure largely in the adventures we will be chronicling in the future. He was kind of cute when he was little but now, if you have a little brother you will understand.

Murphy as a puppy.........................Murphy as my clone.

I think that's plenty for now. I know that humans can get information overload easily so I will post you again soon. Thanks again for reading and please click follow.

Always remember your dog loves you unconditionally,

Bugsy the Wonderdog!

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  1. Hi Bugsy and Murphy! We're from SC, too :-) Can't wait to hear more about some of your adventures.

    Shelly & Tommy